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overspeed_spoken_type=speech overspeed_speech="Reduce your speed." overspeed_min_speech_repeat_delay= Is it possible to change when FS9 gives me the red overspeed warning on a specific aircraft? My Concorde red lights at only KIAS, which penalizes me when using FsPassengers.

07/05/ · Thats the "Overspeed" function. I never use it myself. If you want to play with it, get to a certain speed, use the button I mentioned to get to the display you already see, then hold the button in. It should change to "Overspeed ON". Holding it in again changes it to overspeed off. Hope that helps. Ignore what Marechal wrote.Состояние: открыто. 09/11/ · hi, can anybody please tell me how I alter the overspeed warning on the c5 exclusive?? the handbook just tells you how to do it which is how i did ot on my old c5 but i don't know how to do it on this, I got to the point where it tells me to enter the speed I .

Подскажите что за функция в ботовом Overspeed (on/off и programing) Поподробнее! Заранее спасибо!!! 0. Наверх of the page up there ^. eurogermesauto.ru › › Электрика, Электроника, БК, BSI Xsara Picasso.

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